Discovery difflock shifter kit

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Complete difflock shifter kit for Land Rover Discovery 2 (1999-2004)



Hi/Lo & difflock lever with linkage

Fit manual and automatic gearbox

Made of high quality steel by Artis Konstal.

  • laser cut (CNC)
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • diff lock sticker (automatic gearbox only)


New 2 cables:

  • outsource made new cables
  • push-pull
  • flexible
  • as easy to fit as never

New 2 cables in different prices to choose:

  • type 3. – extra strong and thick but very flexible
  • type 4. – thin, very flexible, push-pull as well but for very low price (it is not clutch/brake cable! It has just thin armour)

It replaces the existing D2 Transfer Box gear selector mechanism with one with an additional cable run to the top of the transfer box mechanism, where it engages the CDL spigot. Almost all Disco II”s from 1999 to 2002 were not supplied with a central diff lock function for the LT 230 transfer case but require only the extra linkage parts to change that (just check you have the difflock stud on your transfer case). The linkage is easy to fit, cable operated and very neat. You attach the existing hi/lo cable to this new lever assembly.

Mind there are no hi/lo linkage and you might use your old ones

See our documentation how to install

Additional (genuine LR parts) for request:
knob with pictogram (CDL version – (genuine LR parts) – 150 PLN

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type 3. (thick)